The Hearthstone tournament consists of two-part offline finals in Zagreb Arena. On the first day, January 2nd, 16 players will compete for the 4 slots in the Grand Finals. On the second day, January 3rd, those 4 players will play against 4 invited pros, and all matches on January 3rd will be played on main stage and streamed. Games will be casted by well known Hearthstone casters.

Invited pro players: Lifecoach, Thijs, SuperJJ, RDU

Qualified for grand finals: Exigo, Kamikaza, Wild, TravnoBoy

Casters: Lothar, Sottle, Raven

Winner: Super JJ

Players playing the first part on January 2nd: Insane, Morreh, nuke, Spotrup, Iniven, GameKing, Wild, karlo1996, duck1e, travnoboyBBB, exigo, Dziany, Odemian, damaneks, OneTrickPwny, Kamikaza

You will be able to follow the stream of Haearthstone Grand Finals on January 3rd from 10AM CET via our official Twitch channel.

Prize-pool for Hearthstone will be a total of 9,999€. Prize money is distributed between all 8 players playing in the Grand Finals on January 3rd.

Hearthstone tournament prize distribution:
1st place: 4.000€
2nd place: 2.000€
3rd-4th place: 1.000€
5th-8th place: 499,99€

Tournament structure:

Day 1, January 2nd: Players will be seeded in 4 groups which will be played with a fast DE system. Top 2 players from each group advance to the second stage where another DE bracket will be played until we have 4 players who qualify for the Grand Finals.

Grand finals, January 3rd: Single elimination bracket will be played where each pair in the first round will consist of one invited pro player and one qualified player.


Quick Rules:
All matches will be played in Conquest format, best of 5, with 1 ban. All players have to prepare 4 decks and submit the decklists to the organisers in advance. No changes to decks are allowed during the tournament. Decklists will not be made public. Players need to have only the 4 prepared decks on their account, and delete all the rest. Players are prohibited from discussing their opponents decks with other participants during the tournament. No pen and paper can be used. Players who qualify for the second day can use different decklists in the Grand Finals, and again submit the decklists to organisers before the tournament starts.

Links to held qualifiers:
Qualifier #1 – 03.12.2016. – Top 4 players advanced
Qualifier #2 – 10.12.2016. – Top 4 players advanced
Qualifier #3 – 17.12.2016. – Top 4 players advanced

The event will be stream live via Twitch platform. Please tune into our official event channel on the day of the event.